Growing up as a child, I had never heard of an app but today it seems that you aren’t hip without one. Thankfully there is an app for everything these days. Before GPS, I used maps or an atlas to get directions from one place to another. I played a radio, which turned into a tape cartridge, a cassette and, later, a CD. Now we have I-tunes. I have a movie app to see what is playing at my local cinema but, “in the good old days”, I had to check the newspaper (which will soon be obsolete, much like the dinosaur). There’s an app for the public library, which replaced the library card. There’s an app to play “Words with Friends”. Isn’t that the same as Scrabble? I’m sure you get the point, but just to put it in perspective, there’s this fact (some may consider it “app”alling!): In the first quarter of 2018, Android users could download 3.8 million apps; Google Play Store comes in at a whopping 2.2 million, followed closely by Apple apps at 2 million. Sounds like the app is the way of the future. My question is, does it help control your “app”etite? Yes, it does! My Fitness Pal tracks your caloric intake with a data base of more than 5000 foods! Above all else, does it help with your “app”titude? Of course! Pocket Aptitude is designed to help you prepare for banking, SSC and placement exams with more than 1000 quantitative questions and formulas for each topic. Thank goodness!

So now, I am beginning to re-think my children’s book. Perhaps I should have made Mr. B a hipper, cooler teacher who wears a Fitbit and plays Fishdom with someone on the other side of the world who really raises koi. After some thought (about 3 seconds,) I knew the answer was a resounding NO! appstoreoptimizationMr. B interacts with kids, teaches them to use their imaginations and develop critical thinking skills. In books 2 – 12, he teaches them about kindness, compassion, acceptance and tolerance, qualities we learn from real life experiences and not an app. I created Mr. B to be funny and quirky, caring, wise and kind. I hope you find him to be that way.

The launch for the book is September 17th, just three weeks from today! I hope you will support Mr. B by signing up on the website ( and ordering an e-copy or a printed copy on Amazon. After you read the first book, “The Fabulous Feats of Mr. B: Mr. B’s first day”, I hope you will find him to be extremely “app”ealing (even though he doesn’t own even one single app)!